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The launch of

The official website for the “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints“, aka Mormons has been for at least a decade. (According to its whois record it was registered exactly 12 years ago today.) On July 14 the church launched (That domain was owned by Mormons for 15 years and here is… Read more »

Haemony: The Practice of Religion in Cyberspace (2009)

Last November a YouTube user, Haemony–or as I learned based on the link she provided Tiffany Christian, who is a graduate student in Oregon–posted a series of videos on “The Practice of Religion in Cyberspace.” She described the videos as: This video log is the culmination of a term-long project for a class of mine… Read more »


As I am collecting scholarly articles on the topic of online religion to read I realize that I will need a system to organize them. For now I created a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs. Right now I have 53 articles listed in them. My plan is that I will read one by one the… Read more »

Campbell’s iPhone4 as religion

Heidi Campbell posted a new entry on her blog in which she points out that The Atlantic has a piece in which an article is quoted that she co-authored. The article, written with Antonio C. La Pastina, appeared in the June issue of New Media and Society: How the iPhone Became Divine: New Media, Religion… Read more »

Hijab online: The Fashioning of Cyber Islamic Commerce

The July issue of Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies has a study about: Hijab online: The Fashioning of Cyber Islamic Commerce Author: Emma Tarlo Published in: Interventions, Volume 12, Issue 2 July 2010 , pages 209 – 225 This essay looks at the world of cyber Islamic commerce and the marketing of new forms… Read more »

Hindu temples/online cultures & Muslim punks online

The July issue of the South Asian Popular Culture journal has two essays related to religion online. I copy their abstracts here and hopefully I can access the full articles soon. Desktop deities: Hindu temples, online cultures and the politics of remediation Madhavi Mallapragada Pages 109 – 121 This study examines Hindu temples on the… Read more »

Where to start studying online religion?

Fortunately for me Heidi Campbell compiled a shortlist of top 10 reads on the topic. She wrote the list August 2008 and modified it November of that year. (Isn’t the history feature of wikis great?) That’s recent enough for me, although I wonder whether there is something more recent out there that would make the… Read more »


I, Gabor Por, have been interested at least for 10 ten years in the question whether one’s religious affiliation/persuasion/background values influence how one uses new media. I am curious about this topic not just on the individual level, but also whether it manifests on the group, church level. In other words whether there are any… Read more »