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Elizabeth Drescher, PhD

I read a creative connection in a current column of Religion Dispatches. In “The Amish and the Myth of the Simple Life” Elizabeth Drescher compares the digital hyperconnectivity of teenagers with the communitarian culture of the Amish. I liked so much the freshness of  this idea that checked out the author’s other writings at the… Read more »

Gross: Promoting Interfaith Education Through ICT – A Case Study

The paper (hardcover) version of the fourth volume of the International Handbooks of Religion and Education is coming out next week. But the electronic edition is already available at Springer. The volume bears the title International Handbook of Inter-religious Education. In it you will find a case study by Dr. Zehavit Gross, is a senior… Read more »

2: Religious magazines, facebook, social web

Earlier this week I came across an announcement that Hinduism Today is on Facebook since August 5. The announcement made me wonder whether all religious magazines have Facebook pages. I did a quick search, limited to Hindu magazines in English, and found that according to Wikipedia there are two more Hindu magazines: Vedanta Kesari and… Read more »

1: Opening observations

I am still at the very beginning of this learning journey, but after having read a few dozen abstracts on “online religion” I have some observations to make. First, in order to fully understand the topic I need to read beyond its immediate scope. For example a lot of the articles place the study in… Read more »

Teusner on CMRC

Paul Teusner posted three entries on his blog reflecting on presentations at the Conference on Media, Religion and Culture 2010. In the first one he summarized two presentations on “religious videos and personalities,” one on Islam and the other on Christianity, titled respectively “Building Religious Authority in the Media Age” and “The Struggle for Religious… Read more »

You can “like” my posts now

I added the option to “like” the posts and pages of this blog via the popular Facebook application. Using the same button you can share the URL and comment on it on your own Facebook wall. I also edited the options for the “AddThis” box at the bottom of the posts. Instead of listing a… Read more »

Apps for Ramadan

Yesterday I posted about an academic article on “Islamic applications for mobile devices.” As Ramadan starts today, I would like to point out out an NPR piece about apps for Ramadan: Observing Ramadan? There’s An App For That Cell phone applications such as “iPray” or “iQuran” offer a beeping reminder of requisite prayer times, while… Read more »

Bunt: Islamic Applications for Mobile Devices

Gary R. Bunt‘s article, “Surfing the App Souq: Islamic Applications for Mobile Devices” appeared in CyberOrient, Online Journal on the “Virtual Middle East” hosted by the website Digital Islam. I learned about it from Heidi Campbell’s blog. Here is the article’s abstract and conclusion. Abstract This article introduces issues associated with Islamic apps for mobile… Read more »

Articles added since July 27

Since I started up my archive of academic articles related to online religion I kept adding to it. Since July 27  it grew by 41 articles. you can read the abstracts on the webpage or in the csv file. But for ease of references here is their list, linking where you can find the full… Read more »

Conference on Media, Religion and Culture 2010

The 7th International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture will be held in Toronto from August 9 – 13, 2010, hosted by Joyce Smith of the School of Journalism at Ryerson University. Below I list all the sections and papers from the program (PDF, as of August 2) that are explicitly pertinent to this blog… Read more »