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ReligionLink: God and Facebook

Religion|Link is a “religion story idea and source list resource by journalists, for journalists.” On September 29 they ran a collection of links under the “God and Facebook: Is social networking changing religion?” title. In the first part of the page–prompted by the new movie about the the birth of Facebook, “The Social Network“–they raise… Read more »

Campbell: When Religion Meets New Media

I mentioned Heidi Campbell–one of the leading scholars in the area of religion on the net–in several posts, but I never introduced her latest book, When Religion Meets New Media, published in March this year. On the publisher’s page (Routledge) you  find a short description, a shorter review and an even shortest author bio. Here… Read more »

NPR: Religious search engines

A few days ago I mentioned how we like to read content that conforms our belief system. Today NPR had a short piece about religious search engines. These sites take this concept even further and provide their users with search results only from sites approved by the editorial boards of these companies. The NPR piece,… Read more »

Rachel Wagner, PhD

Reading Religion Dispatches will slowly introduce me to more people who write, study, work on the topic of religion and the internet. On Labor Day I read about a new online game based on the Bible. The author, Rachel Wagner, explains what a MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) is and how this kind of… Read more »

Mark Oppenheimer–an author of three books, who has a doctorate in religious studies–wrote an expose in the September 3 issue of The New York Times about He starts the article off with the titles  of a few pieces posted on the website. After unveiling that the site is a big joke he introduces the… Read more »

Mehta: How the Internet Is Reshaping Humanism

I wrote earlier about Patheos‘ series of articles on the Future of Religion. Each week a  series of guest authors wrote about the future of a particular religion. The last few weeks covered Mormonism, Islam, and Paganism, but none of the articles related to the internet’s role. This week’s articles are about  “Humanism“, but they… Read more »