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Drash: Haye Sarah – Online memorials

In order that the whole  Torah, the five books of Moses, would be read in the course of a year Jewish tradition divides it into weekly sections, “parashot“. It is customary to read and reflect on the week’s parasha (singular form of “parashot“). Rabbis and others often develop a drash (exegesis/commentary) based on it, sharing… Read more »

Journal of Technology, Theology, and Religion

Journal of Technology, Theology, and Religion is a new online journal, edited by Joseph Duggan and published by Sopher Press. Their content is slowly evolving and I hope the design of the website will too. For now the latter is quite simple, but the former is already worth following. I like that they announce on… Read more »

Cyber pilgrimage – In the Courtyard of the Beloved

I just watched an amazing multimedia presentation of a Sufi shrine. I recommend you to immerse yourself (full screen volumes turned up, no interruption), as much as you can on a computer screen, into the world re-imagined and captured here. More on the experience after the official description: IN THE COURTYARD OF THE BELOVED (… Read more »

CFP-Islamopedia Online Public Resource at Harvard

From my email box: The Islam in the West Program at Harvard University is presently soliciting short contributions for Islamopedia Online, a public web-based resource on contemporary Islamic thought and religious opinion available at at .  Since its inception, Islamopedia Online has gathered material on contemporary Muslim intellectual debates, interpretations, and controversies with support… Read more »

The Dead Sea Scrolls online

As this Reuters article announced the Dead Sea Scrolls will be available online in high-resolution images. The New York Times coverage has more details about the history a of the scrolls and the technical aspects of the project of putting them online. Neither piece mentions when will the images be available (although NYT mentions the… Read more »

Patel: Acts of Faith (2010)

Yesterday I posted a review of Eboo Patel’s “Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, in the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation on my personal blog. It is a book about the author’s path leading to building an interfaith youth movement, driven by the belief that influencing young people  during their… Read more »

(Reactions to the) U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey

On September 28 the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released the results of “U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey, a nationwide poll conducted from May 19 through June 6, 2010, among 3,412 Americans age 18 and older, on landlines and cell phones, in English and Spanish.” The Executive summary is interesting enough on its own… Read more »

Articles published in September

I found these five articles on the topic of religion and the internet that were published online in scholarly journals during the month of September. The Effect of Religiosity on Shopping Behavior: An Exploratory Study during the Transitional Period in China by Xian, China in 2009 International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial… Read more »

The Field of Religious Studies

This post will be slightly off from my usual topic of religion on the internet. But I just read an article (and two more it referred to) that stuck an emotional chord. The original articles was Mark Hulsether‘s Studying Religion is Suddenly Popular at Religion Dispatches. In it he analyzed Newsweek‘s article on “Religious Studies… Read more »