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How churches and nonprofits are using the cloud

Churches don’t appear to be as afraid of jumping into cloud technology as their enterprise counterparts, perhaps out of necessity — or simply a leap of faith? Cloud service providers are offering service levels and security that rival that of many in-house IT departments, making the cloud a less frightening place for enterprise data centers and… Read more »

Articles added to the site on November 26, 2013

A Classroom of Bunnies, Blimps, and Werewolves: Teaching Asian Religions Online in Second Life A New Sweet Spot: Service-Learning for Graduate Online Students in Jesuit Business Schools Give Me That Online Religion: Religious Authority and Resistance Through Blogging God, Sex, and the Internet: The Faithful, Sexual, and Virtual Lives of Contemporary Evangelical Christians John Wesley’s… Read more »

Articles added to the site on November 19, 2013

A Comparative Study on Cyber Ethics, Religious Awareness and Satisfaction in Using Facebook for Social Networking Bounded Religious Communities’ Management of the Challenge of New Media: Baha’í Negotiation with the Internet Contradicting Perspectives about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in New Digital Media: Media Representation of Protests Regarding The Innocence of Muslims Cyber… Read more »