New Issue of “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet”

Vol 6 (2014) is out!

What is the connection between digital media religiosity, Online jihad on Facebook, Virtual Christianity, religious topics in fan fiction, Kopimism, trans-European adaptions on Neo-Orthodox Tibetan Buddhism, Jainism online, Muslim Women on YouTube and online religion in contemporary Georgia? – It’s all subject to the new edition of online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet!

We proudly present the regular issue 6 (2914) of our journal featuring a broad range of articles on all different aspects of religion online.


  • Cyberspace and Eschatological Expectations. On How Techno-Sciences Bolster the Belief in a Spiritually Connected Humanity – Cecilia Calheiros
  • ‘Okhti’ Online. Spanish Muslim Women engaging online Jihad – a Facebook case study. – Claudia Carvalho
  • Virtual Christian Places. Between Innovation and Tradition – Stefan Gelfgren
  • Digital Participatory Culture: Transnationality, Fandom & Diversity. Religion and Gender in German-written Fan Fiction and Fan Forums – Lisa Kienzl
  • Cyberspace and the Sacralization of Information – Sean O’Callaghan
  • Trans-European Adaptations in the Diamond Way: Negotiating Public Opinions on Homosexuality in Russia and in the U.K. – B. Scherer
  • Double-clicking the Temple Bell. Devotional aspects of Jainism online – Tine Vekemans
  • Remixing Images of Islam. The Creation of New Muslim Women Subjectivities on YouTube – Kayla Renée Wheeler
  • I ‘like’ my Patriarch. Religion on Facebook. New Forms of Religiosity in Contemporary Georgia – Sophie Zviadadze

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