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New Issue of “Online – Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet”

Vol 6 (2014) is out! What is the connection between digital media religiosity, Online jihad on Facebook, Virtual Christianity, religious topics in fan fiction, Kopimism, trans-European adaptions on Neo-Orthodox Tibetan Buddhism, Jainism online, Muslim Women on YouTube and online religion in contemporary Georgia? – It’s all subject to the new edition of online – Heidelberg… Read more »

Articles added to the site on December 3, 2013

A Virtual Assembly: Constructing Religion Out Of Zeros And Ones Anonymous And The Imagination Of Online Religion CNN’s Belief Blog: Re-Centering Religion in a De-Centered World? Conceptualizing Trust-based Online Behavior Model For Muslim Consumers Digital Media and the Protestant Establishment: Insight from The New Media Project Evaluating Design Features Of Islamic Websites: A Muslim User… Read more »

Articles added to the site on November 26, 2013

A Classroom of Bunnies, Blimps, and Werewolves: Teaching Asian Religions Online in Second Life A New Sweet Spot: Service-Learning for Graduate Online Students in Jesuit Business Schools Give Me That Online Religion: Religious Authority and Resistance Through Blogging God, Sex, and the Internet: The Faithful, Sexual, and Virtual Lives of Contemporary Evangelical Christians John Wesley’s… Read more »

Articles added to the site on November 19, 2013

A Comparative Study on Cyber Ethics, Religious Awareness and Satisfaction in Using Facebook for Social Networking Bounded Religious Communities’ Management of the Challenge of New Media: Baha’í Negotiation with the Internet Contradicting Perspectives about Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in New Digital Media: Media Representation of Protests Regarding The Innocence of Muslims Cyber… Read more »

Articles added in October

I keep an ever-growing list of articles on the topic of religion online. In the month of October I added 40 entries to it. A lot of them dating back several years, some goes back 12. As I am new to the field I need to familiarize myself with the older materials too, so recency would not reign over… Read more »

Cybersociology: Religion Online / Techno-Spiritualism

Cybersociology Magazine was  a forum for the cross-disciplinary academic discussion of life online, until September 1999. Its last, seventh web based issue, focusing on Religion Online / Techno-Spiritualism, had five relevant articles: The Spirtual Cyborg, by Erik Davis, a San Franciso-based writer, culture critic, and independent scholar who recently published “TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism… Read more »

Articles published in October

I am aware of seven articles that were published in October 2010 that directly relate to the topic of religion online. I will list them below with the abstracts if available. Sidenote: I was pleased with myself when I read Heidi Campbell’s blog entry listing “New Publications in Religion and the Internet. She is a… Read more »

Articles published in September

I found these five articles on the topic of religion and the internet that were published online in scholarly journals during the month of September. The Effect of Religiosity on Shopping Behavior: An Exploratory Study during the Transitional Period in China by Xian, China in 2009 International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial… Read more »

Gross: Promoting Interfaith Education Through ICT – A Case Study

The paper (hardcover) version of the fourth volume of the International Handbooks of Religion and Education is coming out next week. But the electronic edition is already available at Springer. The volume bears the title International Handbook of Inter-religious Education. In it you will find a case study by Dr. Zehavit Gross, is a senior… Read more »

Bunt: Islamic Applications for Mobile Devices

Gary R. Bunt‘s article, “Surfing the App Souq: Islamic Applications for Mobile Devices” appeared in CyberOrient, Online Journal on the “Virtual Middle East” hosted by the website Digital Islam. I learned about it from Heidi Campbell’s blog. Here is the article’s abstract and conclusion. Abstract This article introduces issues associated with Islamic apps for mobile… Read more »