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‘Playing God’, a symposium on religion and video games

The gaming industry has recently surpassed Hollywood both in quantity and in revenues. In 2013 Silicon Valley generated revenues of $ 93 billion, a 17.7% increase on the amount earned in 2012. However, few academics have explored the phenomenon of religion in the world of video gaming. Therefore, on the 17th of October, the NOSTER… Read more »

Teusner on CMRC

Paul Teusner posted three entries on his blog reflecting on presentations at the Conference on Media, Religion and Culture 2010. In the first one he summarized two presentations on “religious videos and personalities,” one on Islam and the other on Christianity, titled respectively “Building Religious Authority in the Media Age” and “The Struggle for Religious… Read more »

Conference on Media, Religion and Culture 2010

The 7th International Conference on Media, Religion and Culture will be held in Toronto from August 9 – 13, 2010, hosted by Joyce Smith of the School of Journalism at Ryerson University. Below I list all the sections and papers from the program (PDF, as of August 2) that are explicitly pertinent to this blog… Read more »