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NMC: Religion Online

Elizabeth Pyatt, a Penn State Instruction Designer, participated in New Media Consortium‘s 2008 summer conference. There she attended a presentation by Edward Lamoureux of Bradley University, titled “Expanding our Knowledge About Online Religion and Religion Online.” This presentation reports research about online religion and religion online (OR/RO) in virtualSecond Life communities. Extant literature about OR/RO is based on,… Read more »

Rachel Wagner, PhD

Reading Religion Dispatches will slowly introduce me to more people who write, study, work on the topic of religion and the internet. On Labor Day I read about a new online game based on the Bible. The author, Rachel Wagner, explains what a MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy) is and how this kind of… Read more »

Elizabeth Drescher, PhD

I read a creative connection in a current column of Religion Dispatches. In “The Amish and the Myth of the Simple Life” Elizabeth Drescher compares the digital hyperconnectivity of teenagers with the communitarian culture of the Amish. I liked so much the freshness of  this idea that checked out the author’s other writings at the… Read more »

Is Apple Really A Religion?

Last week I posted about Heidi Campbell‘s article on iPhone4 as religion. Since the, on Friday, she posted another entry on her blog as a reaction to a furry of emails by angry Mac fans. They reacted not to the academic article, not even to the article in a popular magazine, but to a misquote… Read more »

Campbell’s iPhone4 as religion

Heidi Campbell posted a new entry on her blog in which she points out that The Atlantic has a piece in which an article is quoted that she co-authored. The article, written with Antonio C. La Pastina, appeared in the June issue of New Media and Society: How the iPhone Became Divine: New Media, Religion… Read more »